Why Solar Installers choose RenuLogix?

Some people accuse us of working only with the WINNERS. RenuLogix connects solar installation companies to project development affiliates through its omnichannel Platform.  Installers receive screened projects ready for site survey. We made this high quality affiliate program available by our cloud-based Platform backed by Artificial Intelligence. RenuLogix Platform is performance based. No upfront costs. No subscriptions. Available to top performers.

The future of energy!

As internet changed the future of commerce, “Solar Systems” are changing the future of energy. We are in the era of the “internet of things” where solar-powered, IoT-connected homes are becoming the norm… Unlike Traditional Systems, our proprietary Smart Solar Systems are "IoT Enabled" to address your energy needs in the era of the "internet of things".

Harnessing the Power of the Sun!

Up to 60% of the electricity costs are due to the expensive utility delivery charges… Our Smart Solar Systems generate, store and deliver electricity, right at the point of use, without any delivery charges…

Expensive Power Hours!

Utility companies are surely switching to expensive time of use rate structures… With these new rate structures, electricity rates vary throughout the day based on the power hours! Unlike traditional systems, our Smart Systems are capable of automating loads in addition to load shifting features to outsmart the power hours...

Reduce before Produce!

Our Systems bring MORE savings, economically and environmentally. According to energy experts, up to 30% of electricity that is bought is wasted inside buildings.  It means $0.30 out of every dollar that you pay for electricity could be avoided... Most of these avoidable electricity wastes are caused by lighting, plugs and HVAC manual control... Our Systems with their built-in smart control systems are capable of automating loads (lighting, electricity plugs and HVAC systems…) to eliminate your waste, intelligently, so you save even MORE...

Organic growth. More projects. More revenue. Less Hassles.

Watch the following video as an example of the tools that we provide to our affiliates.

RenuLogix Platform VS others.

Pay only for completed projects
Cloud-based back by AI
Monthly Subscription

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