When homeowners decide to install solar panels for their house to lower their cost of electricity, they need an advisor or a consultant to show them their options. Buying a solar power system is not as simple as buying a car. There are a lot of details involved. You need to find out what size system (Kilowatt) works best for you based on your actual (Kilowatt Hour) consumption. You also need to consider your roof’s available space for solar panel installation, considering all the local and national codes, such as fire setbacks. Once you have gathered all of that information, you will need to find out what is your ASU (Annual Sun Hours) while deciding what kind of solar panels, inverters and installation method works best for your house.

Let’s face it, not many homeowners have purchased or leased solar panels before and this means they need help from an expert, those experts are called Energy Advisors/Consultants.

Solar Power System
Solar Panel Installation

When you contact a solar company, they will send one of their advisors/consultants to your house to explain your options, but the advisor/consultant they send to your house is totally biased towards the company who referred them to you. The issue here is that you would want them to be unbiased to provide you with the best information that benefits you most even if it is not to their benefit. You want them to be your advocate, right? If they are not unbiased, how can you trust their recommendations? 

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