Homeowners select RenuLogix for:

  • Custom designs,
  • Smooth online process,
  • Top quality of hardware (solar, battery, ev charger, etc),
  • Top quality of installations,
  • Top warranties, and
  • Competitive pricing.

Smooth process

There are 3 steps that we take to assist you.

Step 1 – Electricity Usage Analysis

Your system size will be customized based on your actual KWh usage.  

Step 2 – Roof Evaluation

Not all roofs are made equal. Your system’s layout will be customized based on your roof type and shape.

Step 3 – System Configuration and Installation

We configure your solar system based on your requirements and preferences for optimized performance.  Design, Permit, Procurement, Installation and Activation will be done for you. 

Need Financing*?

We have got you covered.

*Not all applicants are approved.

Peace of mind…

Competitive pricing, top quality of services, latest solar technologies backed by 25 years warranty plans from most reputable solar hardware manufacturers for your peace of mind. 

Four easy steps…

RenuLogix has made it easy for you to take control over your energy needs…

A hassle free process…

You stay focused on your life while we take care of your solar installation.


Our licensed and experienced energy consultants utilize our cloud-based solar platform to configure your system and answer all of your questions.


Once your system is configured, then your consultant will help you complete your project documents (installation and interconnection agreements) to initiate the process...


One of our technicians will conduct a site evaluation at your house. Our designers will use the site evaluation results to prepare your plan sets. Then, our permit coordinators submit the plan sets to the City to pull permit for your project.


Once your permit is issued, our installation team will install and activate your system... Enjoy your savings...

A hassle-free process

Finding the right solar solution for your home usually takes hours of research and multiple lengthy sales appointments with pushy sales reps from multiple companies. But who has the time? Avoid the hassle. Click HERE to start comparing solar packages on your own without a pushy sales reps. Call us with any questions. (833) 2-THE-HUB. 

Enjoy peace of mind

Our installers compete to join our platform and they must work hard to maintain their good standing status. We fully vet them before bringing them on-board so you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that you’re getting competitive pricing, high quality materials and world class service.

Solar Installation Examples:

7.00 KWDC Solar installation in Reseda, California.

7.50 KWDC Solar installation in La Habra, California.

14 KWDC solar installation in Sierra Madre, California.

3.5 KWDC solar installation in Glendale, California.

2.1 KWDC solar installation in Los Angeles, California.

20.00 KWDC solar installation in Los Angeles, California.

7.50 KWDC solar installation in Sherman Oaks, California.

(Roof with many objects)

7.00 KWDC solar installation in Downey, California.

(Steep Roof)

2.20 KWDC solar installation in Orange, California.

4.20 KWDC solar installation in Pasadena, California.

4.00 KWDC solar installation in Arleta, California.

5.60 KWDC solar installation in Los Angeles, California.