Solar dealers choose to offer solar with RenuLogix for:

  • Choices from premier-vendors and pre-qualified installers
  • Custom SMART solar system configurations
  • Smooth online process
  • Top warranties
  • Competitive-pricing
  • Omni-channel “sales and project-management” tools
  • More…

An end-to-end solution.

Interactive Proposal Tools

Maximize your closing ratio by addressing your customers' energy needs with one login. Our interactive proposal tool enables you to scope your solar jobs more accurately, and configure a wide range of custom solutions for your customers, based on their energy needs. These solutions include solar systems, batteries, EV charging stations and smart building systems. A wide range of financing options with flexible terms are available on our platform to address your customers' financial needs based on their actual situation.

Online Solar Marketplace

Once your customer selects their desired solution, then they will benefit from our online solar marketplace. Your customer will be matched with the most competitive solar installer, in real time, by our propitiatory software algorithm. They will be matched based on their desires and needs. All of our installers are licensed, bonded, insured and verified.

Online Roofing Marketplace

Whenever your customers need re-roof for their projects, you are a head of your competition. Our roofing marketplace empowers you to match your customers, in real time, with the most competitive roofing contractor. All of our roofing contractors are licensed, bonded, insured and verified.

Solar training is provided. Join our national network of Dealers and enjoy the benefits.

Sales partners utilize our end-to-end platform, and enjoy its benefits.

Finding solar borrowers just got easier

Bring us your loans; our advisors will promote them for you.

Your core business

Energy Advisors Hub allows you to be focused on your core business: financing. Our cloud-based platform, along with our network of trained advisors, will do the sales, marketing, business development and account management.

Increase your profitability

By connecting with our network of trained advisors and certified installers through our platform, you’ll be able to decrease your sales and marketing costs while increasing your loan volume, resulting in higher profitability.

Processing and underwriting

When a loan application has been submitted by the customer, your institute will continue to process and underwrite according to your guidelines. We’re just there to help facilitate the process.

How does it work?

Our cloud-based platform has made it simple for lenders to expand their business without the need for additional investment in sales, marketing and business development. You provide us with your guidelines and we connect you through our proprietary platform with contractors and advisors who meet with hundreds of homeowners per month. Our platform helps the advisors find the right solar loan options for their customers, specifically tailored to a customer’s needs at the point of sale.

Step 1

Our fully certified advisors look for solar loans on our platform based on their customers’ unique needs.

Step 2

After customers have selected the desired loan option, they will immediately be directed to your application portal to apply.

Step 3

As always, you’ll receive the customer’s loan application to be reviewed and processed in accordance with your guidelines.

Step 4

You’ll be able to communicate the results to customers yourself. Upon approval, the project will be funded based on your standard payment schedule.