Minimize your reliance on the utility company…

Our Intelligent Solar Supply Systems lower your consumption by eliminating your electricity waste while generating cleaner more affordable electricity right at the point of use… Our systems maximize your savings…

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One of our sales engineers will explain the benefits of our Intelligent Solar Systems while answering all of your questions. Then, they will generate a cost saving analysis for you based on your actual needs and preferences... Then, our engineers will help you complete your documentation and schedule your site evaluation...


Upon site evaluation, our local installation partner pulls permit for your project and schedules your installation. The installation time frame depends on the scope of the project but we make sure that we do not interrupt your business.

System Activation

Once your system is installed it will be commissioned and activated. Upon your system activation you will be in full control of your energy needs...

Believe in a better way.  Save the planet.

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$0 out of pocket financing options…

RenuLogix has made $0 out of pocket financing options available to those business owners who do not want to pay cash for their system. We offer a wide range of flexible financing options, Solar PPA and Loans, to make it possible for you to go solar the right way. Our licensed consultants will utilize our cloud-based financing tools to match you with the right financier based on your actual financial needs.

How it works?

You are four easy steps away from becoming your customers’ trusted online solar advisor.

Step 1

Evaluation, proposal and contract signing

Step 2

Deployment and implementation of your online solar marketplace.

Step 3

Administration, on going training and support.

Step 4

Help your customers save more money while you make money.

Peace of mind with 25 years warranties

Our affordable Intelligent Solar Systems come with 25 years bumper to bumper warranties backed by reputable organizations. Renulogix brings peace of mind to you.

26% Investment Tax Credit plus Rebates…

Significant rebates and tax credits are offered by Federal and local Governments for a limited time to make it more feasible for you to switch to cleaner more affordable source of energy while increasing your electricity system efficiency…