Cost of customer acquisition per solar installation

Do you run or own an EPC Solar Company? Are you a solar sales manager or a solar sales director who wants to deliver better results? If so, first you need to know what is your current COA to measure your sales and marketing success.  When was the last time that you actually did a professional business check up?

Solar Installation Permit in City of Burbank, CA

It is beneficial to install a solar power system for your house regardless of your city as long as your house is suitable for the project. You may ask what makes my property to be

EPC vs Sub Solar Installer

EPC stands for Engineering, Procurement and Construction. It means EPC companies have the necessary licenses, experience, financial and logistic capabilities to deliver a project from start to finish. They have

How to find top local Solar Installers in Los Angeles County?

Los Angeles County is a competitive market for local and national solar installers (a.k.a solar contractors or solar companies). Based on our research there are over 1,500 solar companies

What is LADWP Solar Roof Top Program (Community Solar Program)?

Community solar has been introduced to LADWP customers to address the Solar Access gap in Los Angeles. Below are the goals for LADWP Solar Roof Top Program (Community Solar Program):

Who is an Solar Consultant?

Generally speaking, an Energy Advisor (aka Energy Consultant or solar advisor or solar consultant) is a professional with extensive experience and knowledge about solar power systems, available solar financing, etc. You may want to know

Are Enphase Solar Inverters the right inverters for your solar project?

In this article you will find some valuable information about Enphase solar inverters. Let’s start with some background information