Accelerating the transition to renewable energies…


RenuLogix vision is to move the world towards a zero emission future by replacing fossil fuels with Renewable Energies.


RenuLogix mission is to bring affordable and innovative energy solutions to the local communities through local solar installers.


RenuLogix was founded in 2018 by a group of passionate electrical engineers, control system designers, software engineers, energy consultants and a group of business professionals who are dedicated to accelerate our transition to renewable energies...

Market study…

Over the past 8 years, our team has assisted thousands of customers in their solar journey and that has given us a thorough understanding of end users’ energy needs. Moreover,  in 2018 we conducted a market study to find out what is restricting the local installation companies from growing their business, and what are their actual needs. Then, we combined our engineering background, business knowledge and field experience with our market study to develop our cloud-based end-to-end solar platform. As a result, now, we are changing the way solar systems are engineered, designed, bought, sold, financed, distributed and installed. We do this by shaping the strongest Solar Platoon, worldwide.

Meet our founders

Amir Salahi

Amir is an electrical engineer, control system designer and a previous C10 Electrical Contractor with a Masters in Engineering Management. Amir has been involved in thousands of solar and energy automation projects in the U.S. over the past 12 years. He has acted as (sales, design and application) engineer, Technical Sales Manager and Business Owner over his 15 years of international experience. Amir is passionate about helping you save money on your energy bills while lowering your carbon footprint by minimizing your reliance on fossil fuel…

Chris Gregory

Certainly no stranger to cutting edge technology, as a Consultant and Business Executive for over 20 years, Chris has been honored to be involved with some of the most interesting and next level technologies from telecom to television and beyond to the sun.  Pioneering as the Director of Sales and Marketing for Virtuosity, the providers of the original voice activated electronic telephone assistant Wildfire, where he grew and directed their national service provider Network.  At MTI Film, the creators of film restoration algorithms and software Control Dailies, he Headed their Sales and Marketing, and Worldwide reseller network.