It is beneficial to install a solar power system for your house regardless of your city as long as your house is suitable for the project. You may ask what makes my property to be suitable for solar panel installation. Well, there are many variables to consider before buying or leasing a solar power system, and following are a few of them.

  1. Your local jurisdiction requirements in terms of permits, codes and regulations
  2. City Permit and solar PTO (Permit to Operate) process
  3. Your roof type and age
  4. Your Main Electric Box type and amperage
  5. Type of solar panels to be used (Mono and Polycrystalline)
  6. The type of installation that suits your house better (Roof, Ground and Port Moun)
  7. Type of solar inverters to be used for your system (String, Micro and Optimizer)
  8. The type of financing option that works best for you (Lease, PPA, Loan or Cash)
  9. Contractors business license, contractors License and insurance status
  10. The list goes on and on

Most homeowners would rather to work with an experienced and licensed Energy Advisor who has helped many homeowners in the past so they are entirely familiar with the process. Likewise, homeowners want to work with an Energy Advisor who is not biased towards one solar installer because that defeats the whole purpose of getting reliable advice from your advisor. Fortunately, Solar Yellow Pages has created a directory of independent Energy Advisors and you can simply pick the one that you feel more comfortable with after a quick online or on phone chat.

Now, let us get into the details of the solar panel installation permit process in Burbank, CA. The following steps are extracted from Burbank Water and Power website, but it is highly recommended to work with an experienced and licensed (preferably a local) installer who is well familiar with the solar permit process in the City of Burbank.

Step 1: Get Confirmation of Services Document

Submit your confirmation service document  and a full set of plans to Building Division of City of Burbank.

Step 2: Electrical Interconnection & Metering Agreement

Complete and sign two original copies of Interconnection and Net Energy Metering Agreements , and then mail it to Burbank Water and Power, Attention: Solar Support Manager, 164 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA 91502.

Step 3: Apply for a Permit

You must pull a permit for solar panel installation in City of Burbank. This process is handled by City of Burbank Building Division . You can upload your documents to the online platform called Project Dox .

Step 4: Pick Up Your Plans

You will receive an email to pick up your plans when they are ready for pick up. Once the permit is pulled, the installation of the solar system may begin.

Step 5: Install the Solar System!

It is important to pay close attention to labeling requirements to avoid any delay and/or additional inspection costs. For more questions about labeling call (818) 238-3585 at the City of Burbank (Test Shop).

Step 6: Schedule Inspections & Finalize Permit

Call the building division to schedule your Fire Department and Building Inspection once your solar power system is installed. Here is the contact number for the Building Division (818) 238-5220.

Step 7: BWP Installs the Performance Meter

BWP will install a performance meter and conducts safety tests on your solar system once they receive the notification from the building division that your inspection is completed and passed.

Step 8: The Solar System is Connected!

BWP will leave a door hanger on the home or business owner’s door letting them know that their system is connected. The home or business owner will also get a copy of the Solar Net Metering and Interconnection Agreement along with an Assembly Bill 920 election form in the mail.

As mentioned before, installing a solar power system is definitely a good idea, but much of the result depends on working with the right solar installer to get your desired results. There are about 2,500 solar installers in California, but only a few of them are suitable installers for your house or business. Hence, it is highly recommended that you speak with an expert who is familiar with the process inside out.

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