EPC stands for Engineering, Procurement and Construction.

EPC companies have the necessary licenses, experience, financial and logistic capabilities to deliver a project from start to finish. They have relationships with:

  1. Solar Financing Companies (for solar loan, lease and PPA),
  2. Solar parts distributors (for solar panels, solar inverters, etc.),
  3. Bridge loan providers.

They take care of:

  1. Site Audits,
  2. Engineering, Design and Permit,
  3. Hardware Procurement, and
  4. Installation and activation of solar power systems.

Some EPC companies have in-house sales and marketing teams to generate projects. Some other EPCs outsource their sales and marketing. Some EPCs have a hybrid model of both. 

Now, let’s find out who is a solar subcontractor.

A solar subcontractor is an individual or a legal entity who is licensed to install solar power systems. They have the required experience and the necessary to install the solar power systems. Usually, they don’t have the financial capability to deliver a project from start to finish, so the only take care of one part of the whole process, which is installation. 

Renulogix is the solar installer accelerator cloud-based Platform. We help solar companies to increase their lead-volume organically from one side, and we provide them with cloud-based tools from the other side to sell and manage solar projects.