Los Angeles County is a competitive market for local and national solar installers (a.k.a solar contractors or solar companies). Based on our research there are over 1,500 solar companies serving Los Angeles County, but not all of them are EPC Solar Companies.

Regardless of Los Angeles County’s competitive market, it is still among the top counties for solar installers due to its population (over 10 Million).

and that is why over 1,500 solar installers are competing with each other to earn your business. Moreover, there are many old structures in Los Angeles County and not all solar installers have the right expertise for those type of installations. Hence, it is important to work with the right solar installer, otherwise the outcome of your project will not be as favorable as you wanted it to be.

The good news? Competition brings a lot of advantages for the end users, but also, in the meantime it can cause a lot of confusion because it can increase the probability of choosing the wrong solar installer. You want to know that you are choosing right solar installer for your house, so the following items must be considered to find the right solar installer:

  1. Your roof type
  2. Your Main Electric Panel
  3. Your jurisdiction
  4. Your house’s Annual Sun Hours
  5. Your house’s suitable roof space considering AHJs
  6. Your current KWh of consumption
  7. Your desired financing option (cash purchase, solar loan, solar lease or solar PPA)
  8. Solar installer’s standing with the state license board and the required insurance and bonds
  9. Solar installer’s rating on BBB and Yelp
  10. Pricing
  11. Many more items.

If someone offers a super low price, you need to find out where they are cutting corners. If they are offering you a certain type of panel or inverter, you must ask them why they are offering those to you. Is it because they have a lot of those in inventory and they just want to get rid of their inventory? These questions are important to make sure you are not getting taking advantage of.

There have been many cases where the homeowner picked the wrong solar installer and they were left with damages to their property and litigation costs.

Installing a solar power system for your house is a brilliant idea which will bring a lot of benefits for you and your family, while saving the planet for everyone. This outcome becomes true if you work with the right solar installer. Choosing the right installer is a complex and time consuming process. And, that is why most homeowners would rather to get advice from an unbiased and experienced solar consultant.

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