Community solar has been introduced to LADWP customers to address the Solar Access gap in Los Angeles. Below are the goals for LADWP Solar Roof Top Program (Community Solar Program):

  • Help meet California Renewable Portfolio Standard targets 
  • Providing options to homeowners to support the cleantech movement
  • Creating sustainable jobs for the community
  • Strengthen community relationships
  • Support the Sustainable City Plan

The following has been done prior to rolling this program out to the community:

  • Evaluation of multiple solar programs nationwide
  • Public outreach and external stakeholder meetings for input
  • Industry experts and consultants input
  • Participation in community solar program (CSP) working group meetings and seminars
  • Comprehensive coordination with internal stakeholders

This means they have done their homework, but still there will be some unforeseen items that they have to address while conducting the program.

It seems this program consists of two segments:

  1. Solar Rooftops Program – Residential solar applications
  2. Shared Solar Program – Commercial solar applications

Now, Let’s review Solar Rooftops Program which is designed for residential purposes. According to LADWP website, this program is designed to expand access to solar savings for qualified LADWP residential customers who otherwise may not be able to use solar because of the high cost of installing panels. This program launched in early 2017.

Not all homeowners will be qualified to participate in this program, but those who qualify can get a fixed roof lease payment from the LADWP either monthly ($30 bill credit) or annually ($360 check) for 20 years. The payout amounts may change in future as this program advances more. Currently, there are no upfront costs, annual fees, credit checks or maintenance costs for program participants according to LADWP. Based on our studies, this program is good for those who want to save some money on their electric bill, but they cannot due to their challenged credit score because you can buy a solar system (with little to no upfront cost) and save a lot of money over time if lender’s requirements are met. If you would like to find out which solar program is the right solution for your house, you can contact us to speak with an independent Energy Advisor.

Want to know if you’d qualify for the solar rooftops program? All LADWP residential customers are eligible to participate in Solar Rooftops, but the must meet the following qualifications to qualify for this program:

  • Be located in the L.A. service area
  • Have a residential electric rate schedule (R1-A, R1-B, R1-D, or R1-E)
  • Have an LADWP account in good standing
  • composite shingle roof
  • The home must be:
    • Owner-occupied
    • A single story, single family home with composite shingles
    • Able to satisfy LADWP evaluations and other criteria
Composite Shingle Roof

How it Works

After a customer applies for Solar Rooftops, the LADWP will inspect the home to ensure eligibility. An inspection is needed to ensure that the roof can support the solar panel system, and there are no shading issues from nearby structures. After passing inspection, the LADWP will build and own a solar panel system between two (2) to four (4) kilowatts (kW) on the customer’s rooftop. This process includes designing the solar panel package and pulling a permit from the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS). After the LADBS inspects and approves the installed solar panel system, it will be connected to the LADWP’s electric grid, and the LADWP will receive the energy produced by these systems. The customer will receive a check or bill credit as payment for the use of the rooftop, regardless of the amount of solar energy produced from the system. You can visit LADWP website for more information.

It’s good to install a solar power system for your house to lower your electric costs while saving the planet for all, but it is just as important to pick the right solar program and work with the right installer. 

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