If you begin looking into solar panels for your house you will quickly notice that there are both local and national solar installers. The next questions you’ll want to ask yourself next are:

  1. What are the pros and con of each one?
  2. Which one should I work with?

We hope this article helps inform you to make the best decision.

Local solar installers:

A lot of homeowners prefer working with the local solar installers to support their local community, but they want to make sure the local company has the technical and financial capacity to deliver a good service and installation to them. Usually, top rated local solar companies go out of their way to keep their customers happy because their business highly relies on word of mouth.

It is good to work with the right local solar installer, but you must make sure that the company is the right company for your project depending on your house specifications such as your roof type, sun exposure, your KWh usage, your monthly electric bill, solar panel types, etc. Choosing the right local solar installer can help you have a good experience during your solar project, but sometimes effective communication is a challenge with these type of companies. Overall, they will deliver your project on-time and on budget.

National solar installers:

A lot of homeowners work with national companies just because they have a bigger brand and they have deep pockets in the case that anything goes wrong in their project. Usually, these companies find their customers through national retail stores such as Home Depot, Best Buy, Costco, etc. This does not mean they don’t generate referral business, but their referral ration is less than local companies. These companies install thousands of solar power systems per month and you may not receive the best possible attention that you expect from a solar company.

If you have received quotes from multiple companies and you are not sure which one you should move forward with, then you need an experienced, licensed and unbiased Energy Advisor who can act as your advocate. 

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